David Rhoderick

Musician, DJ, and bio-digital concept artist

Welcome to my website! While I am a designer and developer for (and the director of) Artlytical Media, I have been a musician and artist for most of my life. I showcase my artwork, music, and miscellaneous musings as an artist, musician, and designer. Here will be many of the things that I create or think about that do not fit the image of Artlytical Media but are still very much a part of myself.

This site is set up as a blog and I invite participation from visitors and readers but I will review the comments before adding them to my site. I do not believe in censorship but I know that there are spammers and flamers (not that I won’t entertain negative comments about my work) in the internet world and I simply want to keep what is pertinent and interesting on my site, rather than let a bot of some self-promoter clog up my comments sections.

Thank you for visiting and I hope that you enjoy the content before you! Feel free to contact me personally on my contact form.